All players at Renmore AFC must read this code of conduct giving a commitment that they will follow this code of conduct at all times.

Please familiarize yourself with it by reading the following-

As a player at Renmore AFC I will:

Make every honest effort to develop my sporting ability, to include fitness, skill, technique and tactical ability.

Strive to set a positive example for younger players and supporters.

Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play and where possible help injured opponents.

Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during each game.

Refrain from using inappropriate language, particularly to referees/officials and other players.

Make every effort consistent with fair play and the laws of the game to help my team win.

Abide by the laws and rules of the game at all times.

Accept victory and defeat with equanimity.

Be respectful to your opponents at all times.

Be respectful to match officials at all times.

Accept the decision of the match officials without protest.

Avoid words or actions which may mislead a match official.

Abide by the lawful instructions and directions of mentors and team officials.

Be respectful to the opposing teams’ mentors and match officials.

Demonstrate due regard for the interest of supporters.

Not act or speak so as to incite or encourage supporters to act in a way that may endanger the safety of anyone attending or participating in the game.

Not either directly or indirectly place a bet on the outcome of any game in which I am involved.

Have regard to the best interests of the game when publicly expressing an opinion on the game or on others involved in the game.

In making public comments on a particular fixture or on the game in general, I will be mindful of upholding and promoting the good name of the game and others involved in it in the wider community.

I understand that if I do not follow the Code of Conduct, action may be taken by my club, league or national association.