• In order to provide for a positive youth soccer environment, Renmore AFC will take the following steps to recruit new players and maximise player development.
  • Provide high calibre and age appropriate coaching to improve player skills.
  • Players will be encouraged to try new skills and learn about the sport of soccer.



  • Ensure practices and games are fun and educational for all players.
  • Encourage coaches to offer reasonable playing opportunities for all players.
  • Younger players will be particularly encouraged to try all or many soccer positions .
  • Players will be required to be properly equipped.



  • Players will be encouraged to have full water bottles and discouraged in sharing water bottles.
  • Coaches are encouraged to acknowledge their players' participation and efforts.
  • Players will be encouraged to learn soccer as a team sport in which coordinated play is superior to individual achievement.


  • Players will have as many or more practices than games so players can learn and practice new skills.
  • Offer registration fee assistance to players that may otherwise not be able to participate due to registration costs.
  • Communicate with other local programs to encourage additional soccer opportunities (i.e. skills camps and recreation programs)