Recruitment Policy and Procedure

Recruitment is required for all positions within Renmore AFC and should be conducted in accordance with this document.


Opportunities for young people to participate in sport may not exist without the time and commitment of volunteers. Leaders who work with young people are motivated by their desire to put something back into their sport. In order to ensure the experience is positive and safe for young people volunteers wishing to take on a role and responsibility for children should undergo a recruitment and selection process. Any recruitment process should be carried out objectively and will help place leaders in a position in which they are suited and supported.

All adults who have supervisory role or responsibility for children must complete the Garda Vetting and Child Welfare and Protection Courses and sign self-declaration about Club Child Welfare Program.

Who should be recruited?

A standard application process exists for all adults, intending to work as volunteers or to be employed, with access to or involved in the management of policies concerning children. 

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process should be run by a selected group within the Club tasked with this role – this group will be responsible for the steps below. Documentation relating to the recruitment is confidential and should only be viewed by the section group. However the final ratification of any appointment should be done by the committee and recorded in the minutes.

Job description and responsibilities of the role – this must be prepared and will vary according each region or club’s needs, resources and the type of position, and should include any expected qualifications, the length and type of experience, plus it will identify the role and the required personal qualities, including child welfare and protection requirement e.g. subject to successful Garda /Access NI checks.

Publicise – for formal positions the post/position needs to be publicised, this can be done locally through newspapers, facility notice boards or through a Region/Club website; for some roles this will involve recruiting from the membership.

Application form – each applicant should complete an application form. There is the declaration in the application form which must be signed.


Assessment of the returned applications – the selection group should examine all application forms and CV’s. Any gaps in the applicants’ previous roles should be identified, and the qualifications and experience checked to meet the requirements; any queries in these areas can be clarified at an interview/meeting.

Interview/meeting – hold interview/meeting to go through questions, check qualifications, scenarios relevant to position and check any queries, allow for questions from the applicant.

Identity - check the applicants’ identity – any photo id is acceptable and this should be noted on the application form.

Garda Vetting – this is part of the recruitment process, and should be carried out on the individual prior to commencement of the position. (See Garda Vetting policy) 

References – check the references of any individual that may be suitable. Telephone references may be obtained – give an explanation of position and purpose, note questions and answers, recording the date and time.

Final selection – this is the responsibility of the recruitment panel. All appointments should be ratified by the committee. The decisions should be recorded in the minutes. The Club should keep the records of the individuals appointed/recruited – these are confidential.

Management of Volunteers and Staff following recruitment

Following the successful recruitment process all leaders should receive some form of induction training including receiving information about FAI and Club policies and procedures and any required training and support must be put in place. This helps to minimise the unintentional risk to children through lack of understanding and knowledge.

An agreed probationary period will be agreed upon acceptance and this appointment should be conditional on the work being satisfactory. All volunteers should receive support and assistance in their role – supervision may be a mandatory requirement and provides an effective means to assess future training and education needs. Leaders should avoid working alone with children.

Recruited Roles and Responsibilities 

Role: Coach 


1. Leads on the coaching plan for the term.

2. Leads a group session.

3. Ensures the Assistant(s) are aware of what the session plan is.

Experience required: At least one year coaching experience

Minimum Qualification: Kickstart / PD Level 1 or equivalent, Up to date Code of Ethics course

Role: Assistant 


1. Assist lead coach

2. Lead a group session according to lead coach’s plan when lead coach is not available

Experience required: Minimum 6 months Coach/Assistant 

Minimum Qualification: Kickstart / PD Level 1 or equivalent, Up to date Code of Ethics course

Role: Helper/Mentor

This is usually an adult helping out with a group.

Experience required: None 

Minimum Qualification: None required